Kennel Japanell is a small kennel based in the northern part of Denmark. I breed Japanese Chin.


A look back:

My first dog was a French Bulldog and I have loved the breed ever since. Its charm, joyful character and affection is just remarkable.


Some years ago I added a Japanese Chin girl to the family and fell completely for this rather unknown, but oh so sweet and gentle breed. Life wouldn't be the same without them.


My dogs:

My dogs are part of our family and live with us in the house. I spend as much time as possible with them. Dog shows are my hobby and I bring my dogs for shows around Europe.


They also attend show training as well as obedience training (... hmm ... "obedience" ... well, at least we have fun!)



My aim is to breed healthy Japenese Chin that are as close as possible to the breed standards.


I do not sell my dogs to kennel environment.


DKK - of course!

I'm a member of Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and thereby FCI, Danish Bulldog Club and Danish Toydog Association. I have completed DKK's breeder programme.